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Assorted Flip-flops on Sand Hiking sandals for women

Searching for the perfect hiking shoe? This guide provides all you need to know about the best hiking sandals for women, including the benefits, pros, and cons of each one.

You need to feel confident- in a shoe’s style and trustworthiness- whether it’s a stiletto or a hiking sandal. Maximum comfort is key, and functional outdoor sandals are essential for hiking.

Arches National Park (hiking sandals)

The market is flooded with innovative designs and advanced technologies, making it hard to narrow down the choices in finding the best hiking sandals for women.

After all, it has to cater to each individual’s preference and the demands of various terrains you’ll encounter throughout an adventure.

Check out the 5 best choices of hiking sandals for women, taking into consideration factors like durability, comfort, traction, and style.

What are the 5 Best Hiking Sandals for Women?

1. Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal

The Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal is a long-time favorite among hikers. I love this brand and these KEEN hiking boots, which are the top hiking essentials I own.

Key Benefits

  • These sandals are known to provide exceptional durability and support. It features a comfortable footbed design that provides excellent arch support and cradles the foot’s natural contours.
  • The bungee lace system ensures a secure fit. The hydrophobic mesh lining wicks away moisture, making them ideal for water activities. The multi-directional lug pattern on the outsole offers superior traction on various terrains.

My Opinion

What I like about this particular sandal is the toe-kick protection. There is nothing worse than your foot slipping through the front of your sandals and stubbing your toe on a rock while hiking. Ouch!

Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal

2. Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

We’ve always been a big fan of the Teva brand. In fact, my very first pair of women’s hiking sandals were Tevas. I cherished them for years and years. And then, on a drunken summer day, I forgot my trusty old Tevas by the resort pool and never saw them again. Tragic! I digress…

Key Benefits

These sandals provide exceptional comfort and shock absorption. It’s designed with a contoured EVA footbed and cushioned Shoc Pad in the heel.

The webbing straps are adjustable for a personalized fit. The Spider Original rubber outsole gives you reliable traction. Whether you’re tackling a rocky trail or strolling along the beach, the Teva Tirra Sandal is up to the task.

My Opinion

What I like about this Teva sandal is the wide support across the top of the foot. As previously mentioned, it prevents you from slipping out of the front of the sandal. There’s also super comfortable cushioning around the ankle strap and back of the ankle. No one wants a foot injury or gnarly blisters, especially on vacation!

Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

3. Chaco Women’s ZX/2 Classic Athletic Sandal

Chaco has been a trailblazer in the outdoor footwear industry, and the ZX/2 Classic Athletic Sandal is a testament to their commitment to quality. These sandals offer unparalleled arch support and alignment.

Key Benefits

The adjustable double-strapped polyester jacquard webbing ensures a secure fit, and the non-marking ChacoGrip rubber outsole provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.

This one also has the option to order your size in “wide” in case you have a wider foot or want that extra support.

I’d say this is a great choice if you don’t mind the toe loop style. For me, the toe loop takes some getting used to.

My Opinion

What I like about this one is the variety of fun color options and prints. A way to look stylish while hiking through Arches National Park.

Chaco Women’s ZX/2 Classic Athletic Sandal

4. Merrell Women’s Terran Lattice II Sandal

Merrell is a trusted name in the outdoor footwear world, so it’s one of our top-recommended sandals. The Terran Lattice II Sandal is a versatile option for hiking and casual wear.

Key Benefits

The leather strap design is both stylish and durable, and the adjustable hook-and-loop closure allows for a customized fit. With a foam footbed and a durable outsole with M Select™ GRIP technology, these sandals provide comfort and traction on uneven terrain.

Because of the “suede” type footbed material, I would not recommend these for water activities or hikes involving streams, mud, etc.

My Opinion

I like the slim, lightweight fit and design of these sandals. The comfort and style are great for strolling through town or going on a dry hike.

Merrell Women’s Terran Lattice II Sandal

5. Columbia Women’s Sandal Sport

Everyone knows that Columbia is THE brand for outdoor everything. You can count on Columbia to provide quality outdoor gear, which is evident in this Women’s Sport Sandal.

Key Benefits

Crafted with durable and water-resistant straps, these sandals are ready to tackle any terrain – from beach strolls to shopping in the city. In addition, the lightweight design makes them easy to pack for your next getaway.

My Opinion

What I like about these sandals is they are kind of the “go anywhere, do anything” type of sandal. Hit up a festival, head to the dog park, or go for a hike or a nice walk on the beach. They are so lightweight and comfortable, you’ll just want to wear them, well, anywhere!

Columbia Women’s Sandal Sport


Choosing the right hiking sandals for women is influenced by individual preferences, including foot shape and the specific demands of your outdoor activities, like exploring the best summer things to do in Ouray, CO.

The options listed above are just a few of our favorites and represent some of the best hiking sandals for women in 2024. Each has its combination of comfort, durability, and style.

Before purchasing any hiking essentials, my advice would be to consider all the factors.

Sheri Nagle at Arches National Park

Think about arch support, adjustability, and traction to ensure your chosen sandals meet your unique needs on the trail.

Also, don’t forget to check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer and read customer reviews to get insights from other hikers who have also tested the sandals in various conditions.

Investing in high-quality hiking sandals for women is an investment in your comfort and enjoyment during outdoor adventures.

Landing the right footwear for the right occasion is crucial. And when you finally find the pair you love, it’s exciting and a relief!

Just remember, don’t get drunk by the pool and leave your favorite pair of expensive hiking sandals behind.

Sheri Nagle sitting on rock by stream in Breckenridge, CO

FAQs: Choosing the Best Hiking Sandals for Women in 2024

Q: Why are hiking sandals a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts?

A: Hiking sandals offer a unique combination of comfort, support, and breathability, making them ideal for various outdoor activities. Their open design keeps feet cool, while advanced features provide the necessary support on different terrains.

Q: What factors should I consider when selecting hiking sandals?

A: Key considerations include durability, comfort, traction, and style. Look for features such as adjustable straps, arch support, and a reliable outsole to ensure your chosen sandals meet the demands of your outdoor adventures.

Q: Are there specific technologies to watch out for in hiking sandals?

A: Yes, the market is embracing innovative designs and technologies. Keep an eye out for features like specialized midsoles, advanced traction patterns, and materials that enhance both performance and durability.

Q: Can hiking sandals be used for water activities?

A: Many hiking sandals for women are designed with water-friendly features, such as quick-drying materials and drainage channels. Look for sandals with hydrophobic properties and secure closures for a comfortable experience in and out of the water.

Q: How can I ensure the right fit when purchasing hiking sandals for women online?

A: Check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer and read customer reviews for insights into fit. Additionally, consider brands that offer adjustable straps or a customizable fit to accommodate various foot shapes.

Q: Can these hiking sandals for women be used for casual wear?

A: Yes, many hiking sandals for women are designed with a versatile style that transitions seamlessly from the trail to casual settings. The combination of comfort and aesthetic appeal makes them suitable for everyday wear.

Happy Hiking!

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