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Best Women’s Underwear for Hiking

Have you ever considered underwear to be a hiking essential? Probably not, but you should. You see, I’m passionate about this particle hiking clothing item and choosing the best women’s underwear for hiking because pulling that wedgie out all day is annoying! 

You shouldn’t be feeling sweaty butt cheeks. And you definitely should not have to experience inner thigh chafing. No ma’am! 

Outdoor activities are not supposed to be distracted by underwear! 

So, what’s the secret to figuring out the best hiking underwear? It’s all in the details. You want to look for fabrics like merino wool, mesh fabric, and breathable underwear when shopping for brands like Patagonia, ExOfficio, and Icebreaker. 

It’s time to upgrade your active lifestyle with hiking panties that won’t attack you all day. 

women doing a yoga pose- Best Women's Underwear for Hiking

Key Takeaways

  • Comfort is Crucial: Prioritize comfort and fit for a positive hiking experience.
  • Fabric Choice Matters: Different fabrics offer unique benefits; choose based on climate and conditions.
  • Style Personalization: Explore various styles (bikini briefs, boyshorts, thong styles, boxer briefs) to match your preferences and trail demands.
  • Top 10 Brands: Patagonia, ExOfficio, Icebreaker, and more provide diverse options for style, functionality, and sustainability.
  • Embrace Sustainability: Opt for brands committed to sustainability to align your gear choices with eco-conscious values.
  • Care for Longevity: Follow brand-specific care instructions for washing and storing to ensure durability.
  • Climate-Adapted Choices: Select underwear that suits the climate, is breathable for heat, and insulates for cold.
  • Individualized Recommendations: Consider personal preferences, body shape, and specific requirements for a tailored hiking experience.
  • Address Common Concerns: Learn strategies to prevent chafing and navigate sizing issues for a comfortable hike.
  • Beyond Comfort: Quality hiking underwear enhances performance, contributing to an overall enjoyable outdoor exploration.

What is the Best Women’s Underwear for Hiking?

Best Women's Underwear for Hiking

When it comes to picking out underwear for hiking, think of it like finding the perfect hiking buddy—someone who’s got your back (or backside) quite literally! 

Look for underwear that’s made of moisture-wicking materials like merino wool or synthetic underwear to keep feeling fresh, even when breaking a sweat on the trails (like when I hiked Zion National Park in July!)

Seamless designs prevent chafing, which would no doubt kill the buzz on your outdoor activities. 

Whether you prefer the classic comfort of boxer briefs, the extra coverage of boy shorts, or the minimalism of thongs, there’s an underwear style tailored just for you. 

Top brands like Patagonia, ExOfficio, and Icebreaker not only prioritize comfort but also throw in a dash of sustainability for good measure. 

So, when you’re gearing up for hiking adventures, remember, the best underwear is the one that lets you focus on the breathtaking views and not on discomfort!

BrandProsConsApproximate Price
Patagonia– Emphasis on sustainability– Higher initial cost$$ – $$$
ExOfficio– Quick-drying fabric– Some styles might lack aesthetic appeal$$ – $$$
Icebreaker– Excellent moisture-wicking properties– Premium pricing$$$ – $$$$
Smartwool– Temperature-regulating merino wool– Limited style options$$ – $$$
Arc’teryx– Precision in design– Higher price range$$$ – $$$$
Columbia– Antimicrobial properties– Limited style variations$ – $$
Runderwear– Ideal for active pursuits like running and hiking– Not as widely recognized as other brands$$ – $$$
Smart&Sexy– Stylish designs– May not be specialized for intense physical activities$ – $$
REI Co-op– Durable and reliable– Limited availability outside REI stores$ – $$
Ethika– Boys shorts & matching sets– Fun prints & bright colors$$ – $$$
Prices are approximate and may vary based on specific styles and locations.

1. Patagonia:

I absolutely love Patagonia, especially their women’s hiking underwear. They maintain the same high standards for their underwear as they have for the rest of their clothing line. The synthetic fabric used in their underwear is incredibly soft and stretchy and wicks away moisture while controlling odor.

The seamless waistband gives you maximum comfort, while the soft bindings on the leg openings stay in place and prevent chafing. You won’t regret investing in a pair of these hiking undies!

2. ExOfficio:

ExOfficio is probably the most recommended underwear for women when it comes to hiking. They come in different cuts, so you can choose what feels most comfortable to you. Personally, I like the Give-n-go Sport 2.0 Bikini Brief. Its smooth fabric and full booty coverage are great for my active outdoor lifestyle.

They also have a wide waistband, which is nice because that’ll keep your undies in place. What’s even better is that their underwear fabric not only wicks away moisture but will also dry quickly, making sure you’re ready to conquer any climate conditions or hiking surprises.

What’s also great is that ExOfficio has flatlock seams (only the greatest idea ever!). Flatlock seams mean you won’t be dealing with scratchy seams that will eventually irritate your skin.  

ExOfficio Women's Underwear- Best Women's Underwear for Hiking

3. Icebreaker

Icebreaker knows what’s up when it comes to merino wool hiking underwear. When the temperature drops, merino wool acts like a natural insulator. These will help you stay fresh and warm during chilly hikes without sacrificing the breathable fabric.

4. Smartwool

Smartwool hiking underwear takes merino wool to the next level with temperature regulation. These undies provide the perfect balance between warmth and coolness as you deal with various weather conditions on the trail.

smartwool women's underwear- Best Women's Underwear for Hiking

5. Arc’teryx: 

Do you really even need to wear underwear while hiking? That’s totally a personal preference! Opt to wear leggings instead. Hey, if you want to go commando, more power to ya! It sure beats fighting a wedgie all day. 

If that’s your jam, then Arc’teryx is your brand. Their “underwear” is what’s considered a base layer. The precise design of their pants is functional and tailor-made for your body. So go ahead and embrace that booty freedom on the trail! 

6. Columbia

Columbia’s hiking underwear focuses on antimicrobial properties that keep you feeling fresh even after hours on the trail. This makes them naturally odor-resistant and a great choice for long hikes.

7. Runderwear

It’s all in the name. Runderwear understands that the best hikes involve a bit of running, too. Their hiking underwear is not just for nature walks; it’s designed to keep up with your most active adventures

Runderwear’s wide waistband has a comfortable stretch so that it won’t cut into your waistline. I can definitely see these quickly becoming my favorite underwear, mainly because of how incredibly soft they are.


8. Smart & Sexy

No panty lines here! Smart&Sexy is the best seamless underwear with laser-cut edges that add a touch of style to your hiking wardrobe. 

They also offer a wide selection to choose from, including medium coverage and boy short styles. 

smart and sexy underwear

9. REI Co-op: 

REI is the king of the outdoor industry. Because of that, they know what’s important for backpacking trips and that includes how to choose hiking underwear. 

Their brand checks all the boxes: breathable mesh fabric, comfortable waistband, odor control, and quick-drying fabric. What more could you ask for? 

 When you shop at REI Co-op, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re investing in durability. This hiking essential is in it for the long haul. 

10. Ethika

If boy shorts and fun patterns are what you’re looking for in hiking underwear, then Ethika is what you want. They’ve got prints and bright colors galore! Talk about bringing the spirit of adventure to your underwear collection. 

Like other hiking underwear, their boxer briefs have an anti-odor treatment, full rear coverage, and will wick moisture away with no problem. 

These are pretty much an everyday-use kind of underwear with a performance bonus package included.  

women's hiking underwear Ethika

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hiking Underwear

Do you really need a “special” kind of underwear for hiking? Not really. It’s pretty low on the investment hiking gear list. But when I hiked in the summer desert heat, I was glad that I invested in a good pair.

When it comes to picking the perfect hiking underwear, it’s not just about style—it’s a strategic decision for a comfortable hike. 

Moisture-wicking materials like merino wool or synthetic blends are your trailside allies, keeping you dry and chafe-free even during the most intense hikes. 

Seamless designs help to minimize friction, making sure your focus stays on the breathtaking views, not discomfort. 

And let’s not forget breathability, a must for fluctuating temperatures. Choose undies that adapt to your body’s needs, ensuring you’re cool in the heat and cozy in the cold. 

From below of different color wet underpants drying on metal collapsible clotheshorse against green branches and blue sky on sunny day

Moisture-Wicking Materials

  • Imagine underwear that acts as your moisture manager, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable regardless of the terrain. Top brands have mastered the art of moisture-wicking, making them essential for your hiking wardrobe.

Seamless Design

  • Chafing can turn a beautiful hike into a painful memory. The brands we’ll explore prioritize seamless designs, promising a friction-free experience that lets you focus on the adventure, not discomfort.


  • Whether you’re conquering a steep ascent or strolling through a forest trail, breathable underwear is a game-changer. Staying cool is important, and it also helps you feel refreshed even in the heat of your hiking escapades.

Odor Resistance

  • Long hikes can lead to inevitable sweat, but the best hiking underwear doesn’t let that translate into unpleasant odors. 

Comfort and Fit

  • Comfort is non-negotiable, and the right fit is everything. The best brands excel in providing underwear that feels like a second skin, offering support without sacrificing freedom of movement.

Popular Fabrics Used for Good Hiking Underwear

Merino Wool

  • Merino wool is a favorite among hikers for its natural moisture-wicking properties and odor resistance. It’s a top choice for those seeking a blend of comfort and performance.

Synthetic Blends

  • Polyester and nylon blends are known for their durability and quick-drying capabilities. They are excellent choices for long hikes in varying conditions.

Nylon and Spandex

  • Nylon and spandex combinations offer stretch and flexibility, ensuring your underwear moves with you. This combination is ideal for those who prioritize freedom of movement.
Person Holding a White Panty

Different Styles of Women’s Hiking Underwear


  • Briefs provide ample coverage and support, making them a popular choice for hikers who prefer a classic fit.


  • For those who favor more coverage, boyshorts offer a comfortable and stylish option that minimizes chafing.


  • Thongs are an excellent choice for those who prioritize minimalism without sacrificing comfort. Look for designs with a cotton gusset for added breathability.

Boxer Briefs

  • They offer support and coverage, making them versatile for various hiking conditions – combining the best of boxers and briefs.
Fit guide for women's underwear

Special Considerations for Different Climates

Hot Weather Hiking

  • Breathability is so important when hiking in hot weather. Try out underwear options specifically designed to keep you cool during those challenging summer hikes.

Cold Weather Hiking

  • You want to look for insulation and moisture-wicking capabilities when hiking in cold weather. Find underwear that provides the warmth needed for winter adventures.
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Benefits of Investing in Hiking Underwear for Women  

Enhanced Comfort

  • Quality hiking underwear can prevent you from constantly adjusting your undergarments, which could otherwise be uncomfortable and annoying. In short, choosing the right hiking underwear can make a significant difference in how much you enjoy your hiking adventure.

Improved Performance

  • Wearing the right underwear is essential for maintaining optimal performance. The appropriate underwear not only provides the necessary support and flexibility for a wide range of movements but also helps to regulate body temperature and wick away sweat, reducing the risk of chafing and irritation. It’s important to choose underwear that fits well, is made from breathable fabrics, and is designed to meet your specific needs, whether you’re engaging in intense physical activity or simply looking for all-day comfort.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, your crash course in choosing the best women’s underwear for hiking. We’ve talked about the materials, styles, and even the eco-friendly side of things—because why settle for anything less than total comfort on the trail?

I hope this guide helps you find the perfect women’s hiking underwear to give you comfort and long-lasting freshness on your adventure.

I’ve wandered enough trails to know that the wrong undies can make a hike uncomfortable. So, trust me when I say don’t underestimate the impact of this often-overlooked gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Often Should I Replace My Hiking Underwear?
  • Regular wear and tear calls for periodic replacement. Consider replacing your hiking underwear every 6-12 months, depending on usage.
  1. Can I Use Regular Underwear for Hiking?
  • While possible, it’s not recommended. Regular underwear may lack the necessary features for optimal comfort and performance during hikes.
  1. Are There Specific Brands for Plus-Size Options?
  • Yes, several brands cater to plus-size hikers. Look for those offering a diverse range of sizes and styles.
  1. What’s the Best Underwear for Long-Distance Hiking?
  • For long-distance hikes, prioritize moisture-wicking fabrics and seamless designs to minimize discomfort during extended wear.
  1. Do I Need Different Underwear for Day and Night Hiking?
  • The same underwear can be suitable for both day and night hiking. Focus on comfort and flexibility to accommodate various hiking conditions.

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